When Technology and Gardening Converge

When Technology and Gardening Converge
  • Les Jardins
  • Oct 04, 2019
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Technology is everywhere. It’s even encroaching on our gardens with myriad gadgets now available to enhance both garden maintenance and garden enjoyment. There have been several advancements for indoor gardening as well, giving urban dwellers a chance to utilize their green thumbs—whether on a rooftop or in a cramped studio apartment, now anyone can enjoy the benefits of gardening.





Les Jardins Solar Lighting, the company behind an innovative and sophisticated series of portable high efficiency solar-powered lighting products, has long been at the nexus of technology, sustainability and luxury outdoor living. From the portable Tinka to the playful Torche pathway lights, these solar-powered outside essentials will enlighten any garden all year round. Plus, their design is so modern and elegant that they don’t have to stay outside—they can illuminate your interiors as well.





Speaking of interiors, as the colder months approach, we will begin to spend more and more time indoors—despite our love for the outdoors. It’s important to keep your home garden lively and vibrant, as that verdant ambiance and extra dose of oxygen can substantially enhance your life spent inside. Groundbreaking garden tech isn’t limited to the outdoors and it comes in all shapes and sizes. “Growth” by Studio Ayaskan is a unique plant pot that transforms and grows with the plant as its roots expand over time. Innovative, organic and contemporary, these ingenious pots are created using origami-based geometry and eliminate the hassle of repotting.





For those whose gardens are more about sustenance than sanctuary, growing herbs and micro-greens indoors has become as easy as ever because of (you guessed it) technology. Aquaponics—a form of agriculture that combines conventional aquaculture (raising fish) with hydroponics (cultivating plants in water) in a symbiotic environment—has been an increasing trend among the tech savvy, the eco-conscious and gardening connoisseurs. However, its complicated , bulky and high price-point make it an intimidating endeavor. This perfect, kitchen counter-sized aquaponics starter kit is not only affordable, but a perfect way to get comfortable with the process and maintenance. It is wonderful for children as well, teaching them the importance of responsibility, sustainability and symbiosis.

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