Turtle Friendly Lighting

Turtle Friendly Lighting
  • Les Jardins
  • Oct 25, 2021
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Protecting the wildlife

For eons, the natural light of the moon and stars have guided and impacted the rhythm of wildlife. Sea turtles orient themselves by the position of the moon as they come ashore to lay their eggs. Insects instinctively direct themselves toward luminous areas. For some species, it’s the sun or wind. For other species, lights are a guide to survival, and those species are more and more endangered by human enterprise.

Natural environments in our modern era are filled with the footprints of human activity. Our shores and beaches are covered with more development and lighting. Our coasts are overpowered by lighting from parking lots, streets, hotels, and condominium towers. As a result, our turtles are unable to properly orient themselves during nesting season, as industrial lights trespass upon the natural moonlight of the night sky.

At Les Jardins, we care about protecting wildlife.

As lighting designers, our actions can reduce our human footprint within nature and contribute to  wildlife-friendly lighting technology. Our new 2022 YKARY solar bulb is offering the option to reduce the color temperature to a dim-warm light called “amber light technology”. The bulb can be set to a luminosity of 1800K, which is enough to elegantly light your area, but gentle enough to not disturb wildlife on the shores. With this bulb, outdoor lighting is less visible to turtles and more environmentally friendly thanks to its solar charge.

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