Les Jardins is built on the concept on preservation and environmental enlightenment. Our mission consists of bringing technology and design together to achieve efficiency and sustainability. Our planet has been losing its glow, and Les Jardins is committed to bringing back the light.

The world must be protected for future generations and it’s our times responsibility to act now. Every step in the right direction lowers our planets carbon footprint, and Les Jardins will be playing part in preserving a brighter future.


Ever since the upcoming of the company over 3 decades ago, Les Jardins has been devoted to developing a beautiful, modern, and sustainable source of lighting. To our core, we understand the importance of strengthening the relationship between humans and nature. Les Jardins has earned a chic beauty, a pure power, and an undefeated effectiveness through the tightening of such connection.

All Les Jardins lighting is powered by the sun. Hence, eliminating their reliance on environmentally harmful fuels and contributing to the eradication of greenhouse gas emissions.


Les Jardins latest solar innovation consists of YKARY (“light” in Japanese). Our new bulb produces two different temperatures of lighting – 1800K Amber and 2700K White Light. Each enhanced gradient serves an environmental purpose. For instance, Amber light has gained significant praise for its impact on protecting coastlines.

Nesting sea turtles are easily drawn towards bright coastal streetlight in tropical regions of our world. Such distraction causes thousands of fatalities every year, luring the baby turtles to the streets rather than the ocean. Les Jardins has decided to attack this problem through the implementation of Amber 1800K lightening which is not visible to coastal wildlife. Hence, eliminating a major threat to hatching sea turtles.


Les Jardins has implemented a new eco-conscious way of packaging solar lanterns, all whilst increasing accessibility and safety. Every 2.0 lamp is now wrapped and preserved using 100% recyclable materials – cardboard and paper.

The removal of styrene foam and plastic wrapping paper has allowed for a neat, effective packaging which can be effortlessly taken apart. Innovative boxing eliminates the use of unneeded small fragments which induce mess and allow for a quick transition from packaged to in use.


We, at Les Jardins, are committed to minimizing our carbon footprint and contributing to the long and difficult task of preserving planet earth for future generations. We envision a future where the world not only enjoys cleaner air but also embraces an expansion of trees, teeming with more diverse wildlife, resulting in improved expected outcomes.

We know it is important for all of us to be much more connected to nature, and each other. Our goal lies in making this new, more sustainable world, a reality.