6 reasons to choose Solar Lighting with Les Jardins Solar

6 reasons to choose Solar Lighting with Les Jardins Solar
  • Les Jardins
  • Mar 16, 2020
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1. Solar lights are energy saving and sustainable. Sunlight, the most abundant, clean, reliable and free source of energy bathes the earth. High efficiency photovoltaic panels capture this energy and convert it into electricity, stored in our ASB (autonomous solar bulb). At night, your lamp starts automatically, or manually…Recharges during the day, repeat. Out of the grid! Free supply of clean and sustainable energy.

2. Solar lights are performant. One of the most energy-efficient forms of lighting, a simple lantern produces up to 500 lumens and 200 hours of LED light per charge. The best part is that solar lights will charge from direct full sun to shady areas.


3. Solar lights are simple and safe to install yourself. No digging ditches, laying the wire and attaching it to a junction box. No professional skills, time and energy are needed when you choose solar. Just place them wherever you wish and select mode and luminosity. How convenient!

4. Solar lights can be relocated easily. Conventional lighting stays permanently where it has been originally set, because it’s wired. Les Jardins’s lanterns, pathway lights or floor lamps can move according to the season (bring them in in winter or if a storm is coming for example) or according to the sun position to optimize the solar panel performance. Some of our lamps are also portable and can be taken on a trip. Instantly turning camping into glamping!

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5. Solar lights are affordably priced. Not only solar power is more cost-effective than regular electricity in term of installation but above all else, you also save on electricity costs. Sun power is a free resource!

6. Solar lights are beautifully designed. Chic and contemporary, Les Jardins’s collections offer stylish options to your lighting needs. From floor lamp to lantern the choice is yours. Made with noble material to associate style and outdoor decor from sustainability to efficiency.

Solar lighting has become an increasingly popular alternative to the conventional and costly electric lights that currently illuminate our homes and living spaces. Now we know why with Les Jardins Solar!

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