Taking Your Festival Game From Camping to Glamping

Taking Your Festival Game From Camping to Glamping
  • Les Jardins
  • Sep 27, 2019
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Fall is upon us and with it comes barbecues, sweet tea, fireflies, and of course, music festivals. Whether in a verdant forest glade or a pastel desert valley, a proper campsite can make or break your experience. It’s more than just a place to sleep and change outfits — it’s an oasis, a second home, a place to entertain and create memories with friends both old and new. Unlike standard camping, festival camping is a form of self-expression that transcends utility. Here are a few tips on how to turn your festival campsite into a glampsite.




Soft, elegant lighting can instantly transform your campsite from dim and gloomy to warm and inviting. Hang a bump solar lantern from the center of your shade structure and drape solar LED string lights along its perimeter to create an ethereal canopy of light. For the creatively inclined, the lanterns can be clustered together in a multitude of configurations to become a stunning art installation. Portable and lightweight, the bump solar lantern is a glamping essential that shines up to 500 lumens and produces 200 hours of light per charge. For added illumination, place a few torche solar path lights along the entrance of your camp as well as by your tent’s guy lines which not only helps you find your camp late at night, but also prevents others from tripping on the cords. If placed strategically, these lights can be both decorative and functional.





Comfort is an important element that separates camping from glamping. Save the slippery nylon sleeping bags and paper thin sleeping pads for your backpacking trip. After long days of sipping cocktails and dancing in the sun to your favorite musicians, a proper night’s sleep is imperative to keep the party going all weekend. Splurge on a double tier air mattress – your back will thank you – and bring soft sheets, pillows (functional and decorative), and maybe even a faux fur throw for added ambiance. If the weather is hot — it is summer, after all — just a top sheet will do, and don’t forget to bring a battery powered fan for those afternoon disco naps.





This is the fun part. Throw all your conceptions of practical camping out the window, because you’re glamping now. Decor is your opportunity to show off your impeccable eye for design and let your creativity (and resourcefulness) flourish. If it fits in your car, bring it! A festival campsite is a blank canvas just waiting to be transformed into a Moroccan tea lounge or a psychedelic dreamscape. Rugs add a bohemian flare while also reducing dirt and dust in your site. Artificial turf is a funky, vibrant alternative and one that won’t ruin your antique Persian rug. Tapestries? Yes! Faux plants? Sure! Floor pillows? Might as well! Disco ball? Definitely!

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