How to Bring Luxury Lighting Outdoors

How to Bring Luxury Lighting Outdoors
  • Les Jardins
  • Jun 25, 2019
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With Les Jardins Solar Lighting, landscape architects and designers are not only free to illuminate decks, patios and gardens, they can place lamps anywhere from the insides of trees and planters to alongside pathways and steps. That’s because each lamp from Les Jardins Solar Lighting is movable, with integrated solar modules powered by renewable energy. As a result, lamps are free from the messy wires and outlets of conventional electricity, offering more creative freedom to integrate luxury solar lighting into the art of landscape design.

Tall solar lamps are a tasteful way to cast light while anchoring outdoor spaces. Standing at just under five feet tall, the open and airy Wharf features a sophisticated cinched silhouette with an open frame inspired by vintage woven fishing baskets. The result is truly mesmerizing light, with dancing patterns and intriguing shadows bringing a stylish ambience to the outdoors at night. Similarly, the slotted, accordion-style pleated shade of the Palma emits 360 degrees of striped light forms for an equally elegant atmosphere. At just below six feet in height, the Palma is an effortless, graceful way to bring the familiar shape of the iconic floor lamp outside.


Smaller solar lamps can cultivate an equally luxurious mood by making a statement while remaining unobstrusive. Take the architectural, open design of the Skaal, for instance. With a sleek, streamlined appearance, the Skaal is a play on minimalism and a study in smart design, blending defined shapes and solid construction with a soft light for indirect yet effective illumination. The versatile Torche, meanwhile, complements any landscape or outdoor path design with atmospheric lighting for a resort-like mood, just as the sculptural Blade lantern has substantial blades that weather the elements brilliantly while blending clean lines.

Whether it’s a prominent tall lamp or a smaller unit, dealing with outdoor lighting becomes much less complicated and more enjoyable when working with the range of solar-powered portable lanterns that comprises the entire Les Jardins Solar Lighting collection.

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