Les Jardins Solar Lighting Featured in New York Floating Art Installation

Les Jardins Solar Lighting Featured in New York Floating Art Installation
  • Les Jardins
  • Oct 30, 2018
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On September 14th, 2018, New York-based artist Robert Pfitzenmeier launched a unique floating art installation on the Hudson River named “Bottlesphere – Tide Beacon.” The piece was an eco-friendly, sustainable design incorporating reused plastic bottles, stainless steel, and the LED light modules from Les Jardins’ Solar Lighting collection. The structure launched ahead of the Yonkers Riverfest and remained on the river for a full month. As a company built on the marriage of sustainability and design, we are honored to have been included in a like-minded initiative at the intersection of environmentalism and art.


Bottlesphere is at once a study on tide movements and a statement on the plastic pollution crisis plaguing the world today. Pfitzenmeier has had a deep lifelong connection to nature, incorporating it into his artwork since 1966 – and this piece was no exception. The installation was inspired by the artist’s love for the ocean, passion for the protection and preservation of the environment, and the invisible yet powerful celestial forces that surround our planet.

As the closest celestial body, the moon exerts its gravitational pull on the earth, making our oceans rise and fall. The installation is a reflection on the moon as well as a visual illustration of the tide’s natural ebbs and flows. As the tide floods, it gains speeds, then calms into what’s known as a slack tide. The ebb begins slowly in the opposite direction – accelerating, slowing to a slack tide and repeating the cycle again. Bottlesphere brings a bite-sized version of the expansive world tidal system to life. Check out the awe-inspiring photos to see how our light modules played into this inspiring piece.

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