The Solar Module has two different setting capabilities. The first is the built-in motion senor that turns the pathway light up a brighter setting when a person passes, and then back to itsenergy-saving, low-power mode once they pass. The second forces the module on to light as long as the batteries allow it. If batteries are low, a very simple solar or USB charge can fill them.



When the light blinks once after 1 click, the solar module is set to its motion sensor and energy-saving setting. The light will automatically turn on at night to a low-setting brightness, then, if a movement is detected, it will increase the brightness to the maximum light setting for 30 seconds.

Long Press in Mode 1

This changes the brightness of the low energy-saving mode, anywhere between 0% to 60%. Continue pressing the button to pass this step.


After 2 consecutive clicks, the light blinks twice, which sets the solar module to the forced on setting. The light turns on to your desired brightness setting until the battery charge goes too low.

Long Press in Mode 2

This changes the brightness, which can dim anywhere between 1% to 100%

Setting user preferences in Mode 1

In Mode 1, the standard low-power mode setting allows the light to be powered on all night long in the summer at 25% brightness. To reset the brightness setting in Mode 1, click into Mode 1 (1 blink), then hold down the button to change the brightness to your personal lighting preference. When holding the button, the brightness level will cycle from 0% to 60%, then from 60% to 0%.


When the module is charging, and turned off, it blinks every 10 seconds.
The number of blinks corresponds to the state of charge

1 Blink

Below 25%

2 Blinks

Between 25% and 75%

3 Blinks

Above 75%