A rechargeable solar LED lantern in an open weave design measures 59.5 inches high. Les Jardins High Efficiency Solar Lighting produces up 500 lumens and 200 hours of LED light per charge.



Rustic Meets Nautical

Inspired by vintage fishing baskets, our Wharf lantern weaves an open, airy design with a streamlined, tapered wire frame that set the stage for intriguing patterns and shadows of light. Choose from frames crafted out of either aluminum rods or all-weather wicker based on your personal style.

A New Twist

Old is made new again with Wharf. Open and airy, yet substantial at the same time, Wharf can be a portable or permanent fixture in your home. Collect the lanterns as found objects as you travel through life. Place them thoughtfully in your outdoor space to give it an extra dose of personality. Whether your style is boho modern or classically casual, the criss-cross patterns of these lanterns create instant movement and inspire you to keep flowing through life.


Featuring an open-weave frame made out of either aluminum or all-weather wicker, the Wharf lantern comes in two different sizes and features a smart solar module that’s interchangeable across the entire Les Jardins line. Les Jardins High Efficiency Solar Lighting produces 500 lumens of LED light and up to 200 hours of life per charge, it includes a motion sensor, dimming capabilities, and adaptive technology that memorizes user settings and charges automatically to fit your needs.


Weight: 16 lbs.

Height: 59.5 inches

Base Width: 24 inches