Tradition Solar Lantern


Streamlined. Classic. Elegant.

Classically styled, portable and rechargeable solar LED lantern in aluminum measures 25.4 inches. Les Jardins High Efficiency Solar Lighting produces up 500 lumens and 200 hours of LED light per charge.



Past Meets Present

The classic lantern design, reinterpreted! Tradition balances a tall, slender silhouette with details such as a sophisticated black aluminum frame and handle, and rectangular windows for diffusing a warm, relaxing light. With Tradition, the familiar can seem new again — and it will never go out of style. It’s as practical as it is timeless.

Establish New Traditions

Place a Tradition lantern where guests expect to find it—on a deck, on a tabletop or next to a comfortable chair outside. Or let your creativity run wild—take it with you on your next glamping trip or hang one or more on a tree branch for a romantic ambiance. Tradition is what you make it.


Crafted out of black aluminum, this classic portable lantern comes in two different sizes and features a smart solar module that’s interchangeable across the entire Les Jardins line. Les Jardins High Efficiency Solar Lighting produces 500 lumens of LED light and up to 200 hours of life per charge, it includes a motion sensor, dimming capabilities, and adaptive technology that memorizes user settings and charges automatically to fit your needs.


Weight: 10 lbs.

Height: 25.4 inches

Base Width: 9 inches