Stripe Folding Solar Lamp

Bold. Architectural. Utilitarian.

Rechargeable, adjustable and foldable lantern in aluminum, producing 500 lumens and up to 200 hours of light per charge.



Paint It Bright

Color your surroundings with the bold and bright Stripe lantern. Available in three vibrant colors and made from aluminum, Stripe is our stylish and sustainable answer to the classic camping lantern. One of the most versatile lamps in our portable solar lantern lineup, Stripe stands on two adjustable criss-cross legs and folds completely flat to a compact three inches in thickness.

Go with the Flow

Sometimes you just need easy. Stripe’s collapsible design makes it suitable for small spaces, storage, camping, picnicking and just about any outdoor activity in between. The moveable legs mean you can also adjust the height and angle of your light to create just the right ambiance at night. Choose from orange, lime or gray to give your lifestyle a boost.


Constructed of industrial-strength aluminum in three vibrant colors, this portable and foldable outdoor lantern features a smart solar module that’s interchangeable across the entire Les Jardins line. Producing 500 lumens of LED light and up to 200 hours of life per charge, it includes a motion sensor, dimming capabilities, and adaptive technology that memorizes user settings and charges automatically to fit your needs.


Weight: 2 lbs.

Height: 16 inches

Base Width: 6 inches