Stonehenge Lantern

Ornamental. Permanent. Zen.

Expertly crafted from volcanic Indonesian blue stone, STONEHENGE is the only solar stone lamp of its kind.Les Jardins High Efficiency Solar Lighting emits a warm light (3000K) and produces 500 lumens.

ASB500 – PREMIUM – (500 LUMENS, 3000K, DIMMABLE, 2 BATTERIES, 10 LEDS, MOTION SENSOR, SOLAR AND USB RECHARGEABLE-HYBRID. RANGE: 5 HOURS at full power, up to 200 hours per charge if dimmed)

Due to shipping constraints, (heavy weight), this product is not available for direct purchase online. Please contact us for more information.*Not part of the free shipping program.


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Raw Stone Meets Tech

STONEHENGE is by essence a lamp that you will never have to replace. It will age gracefully, only looking better and better as years go by. STONEHENGE combines the innate permanence of stone with the uncompromising sustainability of solar power. An emblem of the beauty of nature, reinforced by a technology that both utilizes and protects our natural resources.

Creating Your Zen Zone

Our homes are our sanctuaries and our gardens are our sacred places. STONEHENGE effortlessly enforces tranquility and mindfulness to any space. Place them along pathways, entryways, amid your garden’s flora, or make them a garden centerpiece. They will even get better with time, get covered by moss and lichen: disappear during the day and magically reappear at night. Adding the organic aesthetics of natural stone without sacrificing the sustainability and convenience of solar-powered lighting.

Weight: 44 lbs.