Solar Haute Couture.

Corsetta comes from corset, but our solar floor lamp will give you a sensation of “bien etre “ and joy that was not really the original idea at the time this under garment was popular. Les Jardins High Efficiency Solar Lighting emits a warm light (3000K) and produces 500 lumens.

ASB500 – PREMIUM – (500 LUMENS, 3000K, DIMMABLE, 2 BATTERIES, 10 LEDS, MOTION SENSOR, SOLAR AND USB RECHARGEABLE-HYBRID. RANGE: 5 HOURS at full power, up to 200 hours per charge if dimmed)


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Shaped To Impress

Inspired by the timeless beauty of the feminine curves, CORSETTA is built to win you over through its elegant stance. A bold tall posture, displaying an effortlessly sleek frame. Corsets were used on special occasion, times when one needed to shine and stray from the norm, Les Jardins CORSETTA is a statement piece that makes any regular day a special occasion.

Dress Up Your Backyard

Crafted from a composition of premium teakwood and thin Italian made HPL stripes, CORSETTA projects an eloquent reflection that provides texture to your surroundings. Perfect for illuminating any outdoor space, ranging from a statement piece or a striking pathway light. Let CORSETTA unleash your yard’s inner beauty.

Weight: 15,5 lbs.