Melo Solar Lamp

Cool. Clever. Customizable.

Rechargeable lamp casts a calming glow and offers four adjustable heights. Les Jardins High Efficiency Solar Lighting produces up 500 lumens and 200 hours of LED light per charge.



Four Lights in One

Life is messy; sometimes our tasks don’t fit into neat little boxes. One minute, you need a tall floor lamp; the next minute, you need a low profile table lamp. Melo is your answer. Portable, yet substantial. Ingeniously designed, yet minimal. Melo defies categorization. The base column extends easily up to 68 inches, essentially giving you four lights in one. Even more than that, Melo brings an ethereal ambiance to your outdoor space thanks to its fluid shape and encased diffused light shade in crisp white. If you want to cast a mellow glow over your parties and gatherings, look no further than Melo.

Find Your Soft Spot

Want a floor lamp to illuminate an arched pergola? Adjust Melo to its maximum height of 68 inches. Want a low profile lighting source to brighten up an alfresco dining table? Remove the base completely and set it directly on your tabletop. Melo gives you plenty of options and seamlessly transitions from high to low to meet your preferences. All you need to do is sit back and chill.


Crafted out of aluminum and topped with an encased diffused light shade, this unique outdoor lamp comes in three adjustable height sizes and features a smart solar module that’s interchangeable across the entire Les Jardins line. Les Jardins High Efficiency Solar Lighting produces 500 lumens of LED light and up to 200 hours of life per charge, it includes a motion sensor, dimming capabilities, and adaptive technology that memorizes user settings and charges automatically to fit your needs.


Weight: 17 lbs.

Height: Up to 68 inches

Base Width: 16 inches