Boheme Lantern

Bright. Compact. Hybrid.

Diffuser body, leather-like handle strap, and integrated solar panel, Boheme offers approximately 2 hours of ambient LED light per charge. Boheme is dimmable, solar and rechargeable conventionally.



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The More You Glow

The BOHEME lantern is inspired by our ever-so-popular BUMP lantern. A solar panel is integrated within the roto-molded shell. Durable and scratchproof, this lantern is extremely lightweight and playful. BOHEME proves that sustainability and affordability are not mutually exclusive.

Keep The Light On

BOHEME’s lightweight and streamline design helps project a strong crisp light that is perfect for any outdoor adventure. Built to withstand the elements, our lamp helps guide you through any outdoor venture. Using both the sun’s energy and a USB port to harness electricity, BOHEME is always chic and useful.

Weight: 5 lbs.