Blade Lanterns

Chic. Timeless. Cutting edge.

Contemporary solar lanterns featuring sleek metal blades positioned between two precisely crafted teak frames. LES JARDINS High Efficiency Solar Lighting emits a warm light (3000K) and produces 500 lumens. Available in 3 sizes: small (14.5”), medium (18.5”), large (26.5”) and 4 color options: teak/stainless steel, weathered teak/stainless steel, weathered teak/white aluminum, weathered teak/black aluminum.

ASB500 – PREMIUM – (500 LUMENS, 3000K, DIMMABLE, 2 BATTERIES, 10 LEDS, MOTION SENSOR, SOLAR AND USB RECHARGEABLE-HYBRID. RANGE: 5 HOURS at full power, up to 200 hours per charge if dimmed)


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Visually Sharp

A “transparent” collection of stylish mix materials with a distinctive and contemporary graphic quality; BLADE is expertly crafted using an elegant blend of teak and marine-grade stainless steel. The BLADE collection is modern as much as it is timeless. BLADE stunning shape looks great anywhere day or night, idle or lit.

Masculine And Sturdy

BLADE captivates its audience through a masculine yet welcoming posture. Sharp angled metallic beams help cast a powerful display of light, combining design with innovation. Built to be noticed, BLADE illuminates how geometry marks the rhythm of outdoor architecture.


Weight: 11 lbs.


Weight: 12 lbs.


Weight: 17 lbs.