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How to Identify Top-Tier Solar Light Bulbs

Undoubtedly, when it comes to solar lights and solar light bulbs, it’s important to seek out those that are durable, of a strong quality and designed expertly. But many users wonder how best to identify higher-tier solar bulbs and lights, as compared to those that may be built less well or not intended to last as long.

Businesses and individual users should take a few different factors into account when assessing which outdoor solar lighting to invest in and what solar-powered light bulbs are the best to use.

Check out some of these top differentiators here.

Powerful and Durable Lighting

First and foremost, it’s vital for users to choose outdoor solar lighting that is powerful, durable and able to withstand the elements. For any solar lights that are meant to be primarily outside, they must be waterproof and weather-resistant.

Lighting should also have the technology and durability to reach a range of at least six hours of full power, if not more. The best solar lamps also have hybrid charging options, such as with micro-USB, and modes that can protect the lamps and their solar bulbs in the long run, like eco-smart and eco-motion modes. Many of these solar-powered bulbs will also have custom-settings modes and the option to be dimmed when needed.

With Les Jardins solar bulbs, there are three different solar bulb options. The ASB300S emits a warm, white-light temperature of 2700K and produces up to 300 lumens of light, with dimming capabilities. This bulb also features a push button that allows the user to choose between two different modes – the first mode allows the light to automatically turn on at nightfall and shut off at sunrise, while the second mode allows the light to stay on at max power, both day and night until battery runs out.

The ASB500S has a built-in motion sensor feature. The bulb produces 500 lumens of warm white light, with a temperature of 2700K. It features a push button with three different modes. The first mode is a smart mode, with an automatic on and off. The second mode is a personalized mode, which allows for pre-setting the brightness level anywhere from zero to 500 lumens. The third mode allows the light to stay on until the battery runs out.

The Ykary bulb is the only solar bulb with dual-ambience lighting. Users can choose between a warm white light with a 2700K temperature or an amber light with an 1800K temperature. Both options have 500 lumens of brightness and motion-sensor capability.

Easy-to-Use, Interchangeable Bulbs Across a Brand

Users deciding on solar lights and bulbs should consider the ease of use and interchangeability of the brand they’re choosing. This will lead to better value and more flexibility over time.

The best solar light bulbs are reliable, easy to use, easy to remove and, ideally, interchangeable between a wide variety of different solar-lighting fixtures. Many times, these solar-powered light bulbs are specifically interchangeable across one brand’s fixtures. This is the case for solar bulbs with Les Jardins, whether the Ykary, the ASB300S or the ASB500s – they can be used across the Les Jardins brand.

Super-Smart Solar Technology

The smarter the solar-lighting technology, the more benefits for the user. As users look into solar-light bulb and lamp options that are available, they should consider the intelligence of the technology and how they’ll be able to utilize it.

With Les Jardins, solar bulbs feature adaptive computer technology that can memorize user settings and also scale back energy usage depending on individual needs. This can actually mitigate the risk of ever running out of power, so there is always enough charge to power lights in the evening.

Additionally, Les Jardins lighting allows for buttons to change lighting modes and brightness levels, and they give users the ability to customize light based on their lifestyles or preferences.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you charge a solar light bulb?
Solar lights must be charged by being placed under direct sunlight, or strong artificial lights, throughout the day. This ensures batteries are charged properly, so when it becomes dark at night, they can produce enough charge to power the bulbs in the solar lamp to emit light.

How long does it take to charge a solar light bulb?
Most solar light bulbs take between four and ten hours of sunlight to fully charge, if they’re charging when the battery was completely empty to start. If they are placed in an area with full sunlight exposure, and receive that exposure for all or most of the day, then they should work that night.

What types of solar light bulbs are available?
Like all lights, solar lights have a bulb. In the case of solar lights, that bulb is powered by the battery, which is powered by the sun or direct light charging it over a long period of time. Most solar lights use CFL (compact fluorescent) or LED (light-emitting diode) bulbs.

Can solar lights be integrated into existing outdoor lighting systems?
There are some electric lights that can be converted to solar with the proper setup and equipment (such as solar panels and solar light batteries). However, there are many benefits to investing in high-quality, efficient and beautiful solar lighting with bulbs and fixtures that were designed for solar-power use. Les Jardins sells solar lighting with LED lights, lithium batteries, waterproof technology, Eco-Smart mode, Eco-Motion mode, custom settings and more. Many Les Jardins products also allow for hybrid charging – both solar and micro-USB.