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Discover the Many Benefits of Solar Lanterns and Table Lights

Elegant, efficient, portable and environmentally friendly – outdoor solar table lights and lanterns are a great way to bring more sustainable light to an area. These convenient outdoor solar lamps don’t require wires or drain electricity unnecessarily. They simply need regular charging from the sun during the daytime, then at night, they emit a beautiful glow and provide illumination to a dark location around a house, garden, plaza, swimming area, golf course, restaurant or anywhere else.

See some of the top reasons for switching to solar outdoor table lamps.


Compact and aesthetically pleasing, solar table lamps and lanterns are also safer than outdoor lighting with wires and power cords, especially around children and pets. There is less of a tripping hazard, and as a result of less wiring, the solar lights operate quite self-sufficiently. All they require is the charge from sunlight, which powers their batteries and ensures enough bright light when it is dark out.


Many solar lights are much more efficient than traditional lighting sources. This is certainly the case when it comes to Les Jardins solar technology, which allows for a range of warm-light temperatures, dimmable options, motion sensors, a smart mode and even micro-USB charging as necessary. At Les Jardins, the majority of outdoor solar lanterns and table lamps are integrated with high-efficiency Ykary solar technology for even more impact, shining with 500 lumens of brightness.

Better for the Environment

Thanks to long-lasting LED bulbs, strong materials and no reliability on fossil fuels for functioning, solar lamps are gentle on the environment – certainly, more so than more traditional, electric table lamps and lanterns. Their renewable source of power, solar energy, plays a critical role in reducing greenhouse gas emissions, mitigating the harmful effects of climate change and creating a more sophisticated, sustainable lighting solution.


Initially, it can be an investment to switch outdoor lighting to solar-powered lamps – especially if users choose higher quality solar lanterns or lighting. But outdoor solar table lamps, lanterns and lighting will save users expenses over time, particularly when it comes to the use of electricity. Additionally, solar lighting requires less maintenance over time, as they are powered by the sun and have less need for additional parts or wiring. This can also lead to more efficiency and better cost-effectiveness over time.

Visually Appealing

Beyond all the environmental, economical and safety-related benefits to solar table lanterns and lamps, they are also quite beautiful and can create a warm, aesthetically appealing glow wherever they are placed. Les Jardins offers a wide variety of solar-powered table lamps and portable lights, in a wide range of shapes, looks and sizes. Modern and stylish, these outdoor solar lanterns create an effective glow, while brightening the local environment and ensuring users can see well while they sit, walk or enjoy activities nearby.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do solar table lamps charge?
Table solar lamps charge in the same way as all other solar lights, utilizing their photovoltaic (PV) cells to absorb the sun’s energy and create an electrical charge, which powers the batteries during the day. At night, when it gets dark, the energy stored in these batteries powers the respective solar lamps.

How do you use table solar lights for the first time?
Just as with all solar lights, table solar lamps should not be put to use immediately after purchase. Users should first allow these lights to be exposed to direct sunlight for about five to ten cycles (charging at day and discharging when dark at night), allowing the lamps’ batteries to charge to full capacity before they’re put to use. Alternatively, these lamps can be charged with micro-USB cables, provided with their purchase, for five to six hours.

Why will the table solar light not come on?
Most often, solar-powered lights do not come on when a battery is dead, so that should certainly be checked first. Batteries that are worn out or too old must be replaced. If it is not a battery, it could be that so much dirt and debris has piled up on the lamp and its panel, preventing sunlight from coming through and charging the light. Make sure to keep all solar lights, including table lamps, clean to ensure proper functioning.

Do you leave the switch on for solar lights?
For the most part, solar lights should be kept on for constant charging and illumination at night. However, the switch should be turned off when users are not using the lamps for extended periods of time, or when they’re being stored away.

Do solar table lights need sun or just light to charge?
Solar table lamps, just like all solar lights, are best charged when receiving direct sunlight. However, many solar lamps can also be charged via the presence of artificial light through incandescent bulbs, LED lights or another form of artificial light.