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"Don't just think off the box. Think off the grid."

We believe enlightened living starts with building closer connections to our physical world: friends, family, home or nature. Our ideology is founded on the principle that one’s connection with space and light, illuminates the path to joy and timelessness.

Here at LES JARDINS, our goal is to push the limits of technology to improve your outdoor living experience. We aim to project creativity, freeing one’s imagination, through contemporary designs built around sustainable high efficiency solar lights.
Our mission is to tear down the boundaries between luxury and value, form and function, sustained and sustainable.

Enlightened living means freedom — freedom to BLOOM, to ROAM different lands, to take a BUMP of happiness. We urge you to move about the world, to choose your own paths, to think differently about our future.

Sustainability and efficiency. How can we enhance natural beauty and spark a new form of excitement in the field of outdoor living?

What if…we could generate more light without leaving a dark impact on our environment? Integrating design and technology. Our focus is enlightening one’s surroundings in a visually appealing manner while going off the grid, using only the sun’s energy. Using new software and sensors, our lights feel your presence, by turning on when you pass, dimming when the scene is romantic and always there to brighten your path.

Our engineers and designers share the same goal: make outdoor lighting beautiful, smart and clean. We make some of the most efficient solar lighting devices available today. Portable, decorative, elegant, and always eco-friendly. LES JARDINS lights move with you through every special moment, illuminating every memory worth remembering.

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From outdoor furniture to outdoor lighting

LES JARDINS has been manufacturing luxury outdoor furniture for thirty years, using our environment to inspire and forge their iconic designs – because nature never goes out of style.Our high efficiency solar lighting harnesses energy from the sun and infuses it into an Autonomous Solar Bulb -ASB. This ingenious light source is interchangeable between all lamps and lanterns, generating between 300 to 500 lumens of warm light (3000K). Depending of the version. The LED cast various gradients of light that can be dimmed to your liking.

Our goal is to inspire a blend of feelings, reflections, and elegant shade patterns through each piece. Providing character in an ergonomic manner. Every lantern, garden light, planter, lamp post, and torch help define space, bringing with them a sense of warmth and comfort.