What We Believe

We believe enlightened living starts with building closer connections to our physical world: friends, family, neighbors, strangers, nature, home. It’s a path of living that opens the door to limitless possibility, where the boundaries of technology, nature and even the human imagination can be overcome. We believe we don’t have to make choices between value and luxury, form and function, or sustained and sustainable. We are free to create new definitions.

Inspiration is illumination. Illumination is inspiration. This is the space in which we dwell.

Enlightened living means freedom — freedom to move about the world, to choose our own paths, to think differently about our future. That’s the idea that powers Les Jardins®.

Inspiration is illumination.
Illumination is inspiration.
This is the space in which we dwell.

How We Arrived Here

We dared to imagine, to turn the “what ifs” and the spark of wonder into being.

What if…. we could create more light with less energy to reduce the impact on our environment? What if… we could fuse renewable solar energy with smart power management software and beautiful design?

Scientist and designer worked together, united by a belief that modern-day lighting should work better, smarter and cleaner. Our passion powered each one of our experiments until we finally arrived at what you see here: the most efficient solar lighting collective on Earth, capable of moving and growing with you, indoors and out, through all of life‘s adventures.

What We Create

As makers of fine outdoor furniture since 1991, we look to nature for inspiration — and nature never goes out of style. Our solar lighting harnesses the sun’s energy via a removable solar-powered LED module set within visually stunning architectural frames designed by Claude Robin. A timeless blend of ergonomics, feeling, material and color characterize each lantern, garden light, planter, torch and lamp post. That means you can keep our lights with you, always, as you move from space to space in life – even if technology evolves or your needs change.