Enlighten Your Garden

Humans require light and nature to thrive. Not just physically but also mentally. We all appreciate the tranquility of a walk through the park, or the rejuvenating effects of a weekend spent off the grid. While some prefer to bring house plants into their apartments as a way to keep nature close by, others spend hours tending to their home gardens.



Gardens are good for you. They offer the benefit of sunlight which, when it touches your skin, triggers the body to produce vitamin D. However, whether it’s overcast or nighttime, there is still a way to enjoy your garden and receive the therapeutic benefits of nature combined with light. The answer may lie within outdoor solar-powered LED lighting.



According to the American Institute of Architects, studies have found that LED light can provide mental health benefits. Unlike fluorescent lights which disorient the brain, LED light is closer to the spectral waves emitted by natural sunshine. Benefits include improved concentration and energy, mood support, and lower stress and anxiety levels, just to name a few. Incorporating LED lights into your landscaping will transform your garden into a haven — a place to read by lantern light, to unwind with a glass of wine, or to spend time with loved ones under a gem-filled velvet sky.



Though plants are naturally beautiful, illuminating them creates an entirely new aesthetic. Portable, solar-powered and easy to install, Les Jardins high efficiency solar lighting produces up to 500 lumens and 200 hours of LED light per charge. Bring pops of color into a sea of green with the multicolored torche path lights, ideal for placing on walkways or around garden perimeters. Or, nestle the short version amid ferns and hedgerows to create a soothing verdant glow. Their elegant Scandinavian design never looks out of place.



For a more eye-catching addition, the wharf lantern, which was inspired by antique fishing baskets, makes a rustic garden centerpiece as it casts its lacey shadows on the surrounding flora. No matter which beautiful style of Les Jardins solar LEDs you integrate into your home garden, the result will be enlightening.