How Our Light Works

All our lamps work with an ASB (Autonomous Solar Bulb). This ASB is interchangeable. A sleek mat solar panel seats on top of the casing that contains one or two lithium batteries, (depending on the version), a mother board, and 5 or 10 LEDs

Our PREMIUM version is the ASB500 (500 lumens- SOLAR and rechargeable through micro USB as well, motion sensor activated, 10 LEDs). Our standard version is the ASB300 (300 lumens). Both versions are dimmable, solar and USB-rechargeable, Waterproof IP55.


ASB300 : 300 lumens, 2700k, dimmable, 1 battery, 5 LEDS,  Solar and USB-Rechargeable,  up to 8 hours per night if charge

ASB500 : 500 lumens, 2700k, dimmable, 2 batteries, 10 LEDS, Motion-sensorLUMENS, 2700K,Solar and USB-Rechargeable,  up to 10  hours per night if charged.

Choose your mode

Brightness: A long push of the ON/OFF button sets the brightness level. Hitting the button once or twice allows you to choose the mode according to your preference.

Mode 1 : Auto ON at night fall, OFF at sunrise

The lamp automantically starts at night fall and stops at sunrise. A motion detector is placed adjacent to the button on the other side of the ASB, detecting movement with a range of 20ft. The luminosity increases to its highest level when presence is detected and gradually goes back to the custom settings after 30 seconds, helping preserve energy.

Mode 2 : Fixed mode/ forced on/ anytime / day or night. 

Constant mode keeps the light on at your desired brightness, anytime, as long as the batteries permit it. This mode is particularly useful if other sources of light are present in the same area. In this mode, the lamp has to be manually turned OFF when you leave to avoid draining completely the batteries.