Here comes the sun

What if the sun is the answer? Just the sun. Forget about Politics, Economy, Philosophy, Yoga…


This sounds like a bold, vaguely utopian statement, yet it is just old news… The sun has been captivating humanity for a very long time. Well before the Beatles, the Egyptians had Ra (the God of the sun) as their ultimate deity in the 24th century BC. The Hindus had Surya. The Greeks had Apollo and invented the sundial in the 3rd century BC. The Romans named it Sol and benefited greatly from the Greek invention. Pre-Columbian Incas worshipped Inti who was considered their most important God and their Emperors were believed to be the lineal descendants of the Sun God. The Mayas  too, were fascinated by the sun and extremely competent in astronomy.

Louis the XIV was the Sun King…

Turning the sun into a deity of sorts seemed to be the best idea for thousands of years and that inspired architectural wonders that we are still admiring today. Should you be in Cancun during the equinox, just drive to Chichen Itza and witness the snake coming down the pyramid. Brilliant.

“Our perception evolved and we moved on to other deities in adopting a more down to earth approach to the sun.”

While all these beliefs helped in cementing past civilizations, our future is very closely linked with the way we will master the power of the sun. Mankind is engaged in a permanent quest for energy and the “Holy Grail” we are now looking for is an unlimited, domesticated, source of energy.

It is a work in progress: electric engines are becoming mainstream and are revolutionizing multiple industries. Automobile, of course, aviation will follow and think of all the micro engines operating toothbrushes, bikes, scooters, drones, etc… All this technology is clean as long as we produce this electricity without burning fossil fuels…Unfortunately, that is not yet the case… Hence, the answer is to produce our electricity through the sun and any other sustainable source available. Mostly from the sun though, because it is the ultimate source of energy, the one that will NEVER run out (at least not for billions of years). Furthermore, this energy source does not even come from here, (it is literally coming from “above”) and the one that EVERYBODY on earth has access to (some more than others, of course).

It’s all about efficiency.

Once we achieve that, we will solve a whole lot of problems on earth. Some of the poorest countries’ only commodity is the sun. They have a lot of it and pretty much nothing else…So these unlucky fellows could have unlimited and affordable energy supply…E=C (Electricity = Comfort).

Now we are talking.

It’s all about efficiency. Work to achieve reasonable comfort by using less and less electricity and produce electricity through more and more efficient photovoltaic cells and better storage solutions (batteries). Once these components are fully optimized, mankind will thrive. People will live off the grid and be able to generate their own electricity, maybe even share some…A real game-changer.

In the meantime, at Les Jardins, we work on power management and closely monitor all improvements and breakthroughs in the fields of solar panels, batteries, and LEDs. We are driven by the notions of permanence and self-sufficiency. Solar lighting has been around for a while. Most of it is unfortunately sitting in landfills…That is why we make lamps that will last. Our Stonehenge lantern is made out of stone! The Incas, Mayas, ancient Egyptians, Greeks, and the Romans would be proud of us! From a humble sundial to where we are now is quite a leap. Our creations allow us to share the sun with you for years! Solar lights that only last for a summer are a hazard for the environment and a mistake.

“Buy a lantern, take good care of it.

Keep it for years and years, just change the ASB (Autonomous Solar Bulb) from time to time.

Technology evolves quickly and it’s always satisfying to stay current while preserving an object that will be with you for a long time.

Frederic Raffenne
CEO Les Jardins Solar

picture of 2 lanterns on door steps